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9/11/2018     I was mailed this beautiful quilt top from Tennessee.  When I put it on my A1 quilting machine I knew exactingly what to quilt on it. It will be going to a man so the geometric design was perfect with the linear blocks.  This lady has a great eye for color and pieces perfectly.








9/11/2018     Out of the blue I received an email from a daughter of a friend of mine.  She explained her mother (my friend) passed away suddenly and would I make some quilts from her clothes.  These quilts will go to family members.  She shipped the huge box to me and when I opened it I was amazed to see the work ahead of me.  Once I realized I could make rag quilts from all of the clothes I was inspired. I still have a lot of cutting to do using my Accuquilt cutter but it has saved me many hours.  Each time I work on the pieces I think of my friend and her family.













11/6/2017    The 2017 Lady Bug Bazaar was yesterday.  I met many wonderful people that needed quilt tops quilted.  I know there are a lot of quilt tops out there that are neatly folded and stuffed away somewhere, promising to be finished someday.  Then the years go by and the grandchildren find them and decide to do something about  finishing them.  Enjoy your quilts now.  I finish them so they can be enjoyed for many more years.  I will be at the Crystal Plum Bazaar on November 11th.  It will be held at the Alki Middle School, 1800 NW Bliss Road, Vancouver, Washington.  Please introduce yourself and let me know if you saw my blog.


10/26/2017   I missed the Houston Quilt Show!

But this time of year is great for quilting!!!













6/14/2017   Multnomah Falls wall hanging












Before photo of the wonkies

Before photo of the wonkies


After photo

After photo






In process

In process as of June 14, 2016


8/24/12   Working on re-aligning the sub-categories, so that quilts are easier to see and find.  Also, adding MANY more photos.

8/19/12   I AM NOW “Professionally Making Quilts“, a service whereby I will personally make your quilt, from planning to finish.  This will be done with much coordination between you and I, helping you to make the decisions necessary to have a quilt, just as you want it.  Ideas and photos will be exchanged in person, electronically, and by telephone.


8/19/12  My husband and I just completely updated this website.  I’ve added many more photos of quilts, tops and backs.  The pages are much easier to navigate and to find what you are looking for.


8/18/2012  Life is amazingly busy for us all.  We need to enjoy our journey regardless our circumstances.  I am humbled and excited to, at last, to become a grandmother in December.  My daughter and son-in-law are having twin girls, and you better believe those two will be getting some pretty cute quits.  My daughter’s mother-in-law is a wonderful piecer and has pieced the cute little quilts for me to quilt.  Look for the photos soon.  I have enough fabric to make a couple more and they will be for sale.  Looking back over the months I can hardly believe the quilts that have passed through my hands. Each one has a story.


9/15/2011  When I received this quilt top I was not crazy about it, but when the quilting was finished I was very pleased. The size is a long twin.  It is made with men’s ties.  It went up for auction.  Sold for $525.00  All who saw it loved it.








2/17/10  I have been working on and finished five quilts in four weeks.  I have three more to go and will be finished quilting these beautiful pieces.  They will be going to another lady in my church to finish the binding.  This has been an exciting team effort to get these quilts finished and presented to our young women in our church.  They will be graduating soon and going off to college or leaving home, or both.  I will have them posted in my “Charity Album” soon.  Can you feel Spring coming?








1/17/2010 Life just keeps happening as I make other plans.  But that is a good thing, keeps me on my toes.  Since last March (09), my husband and I have been traveling and planning and traveling and planning. My husband bought a Goldwing Motorcycle and we flew to Kansas to pick it up.  He drove it to Arizona while I was the chase car until Phoenix, Arizona.  This is where I hopped on and we rode to San Diego, then home to Washington State. good break in a period of 2500 miles.  We stopped at quilt stores, and saw some fabulous inspirational sights. The desert has always been a special place to me.  Carlsbad Flower Fields are so beautiful.  And, of course the drive through the wine country in California is breathtaking.  But the drive home is always the best.

1/20/2009  I am so excited to be finally on the web!  I am most excited to share my quilt artistry, but, for now I am getting lots of help to get my web site up and working.  My son-in-law, Wes, spent hours helping my husband and I understand the process. If you find any errors or things look amiss, let me know, so I can try and correct it. In the meantime, enjoy the photos.

I am a member of the Clark County Quilters Guild, which encompasses the area around Vancouver, Washington.

I have received extensive training from Cindy Roth, founder of Longarm University.

In November 2008, I again attended the Houston International Quilt Festival, largest quilt festival in the world.

Houston Quilt Show 2008

only 1/10th of the show

There, I purchased the Accuquilt, to help me cut perfect quilt pieces.

In July 2008, I attended a painter’s retreat by Alexander Arts, at Silver Falls State Park, in Oregon.  This was an inspirational time to gather new creative ideas.

Even a quilter can paint