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Baby Quilts

I enjoy quilting these little cuties.   All of them are special to me and I know they are keeping a little one warmed and loved.


Crystal’s Quilt

This quilt was just in blocks, (pieces sewn together in squares), for many years.   Casey, (Crystal), the recipient, remembers her grandmother piecing this when Casey was a little girl…   Casey begged her grandmother (Jeanine) to make her a quilt someday.   Years later, when she (Jeanine) lost her battle with cancer, these pieces, were found. It was a rush laying the blocks out and figuring out how Jeanine would have like it but it was finished in time to present it to Casey at her baby shower.   There were a few pieces left over and were arranged and   quilted on the back. The center of the quilt has baby bottles, pacifiers, and “pins”, quilted using a pattern called a “pantograph”.   The rest of the quilting is free hand designs.




Strip Quilt

The strips were sewn together in different widths.   The quilting was done free hand, doing loops, flowers, and hearts.




Noah’s Ark

This type of quilting can really make a flat piece of fabric POP.   I have quilted around the animals, clouds, rainbow, and ark.




Hungry Caterpiller