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Preparing Your Quilt

  • An un-ironed quilt back

    An un-ironed quilt back

    An Ironed Quilt Top

  • Please Iron your quilt top and backing.
  • Square up quilt top and backing. This means all edges need to be straight, for your quilt to be straight.
  • Clip and remove loose threads from back and top of quilt.
  • Do not pin or baste layers together. (I will do this)
  • Backing and batting need to be at least 6″ longer and wider than quilt top. (as shown here)

    The backing is pinned, the batting is placed on top of the backing, the the quilt top is placed on the batting, pinned, basted, and finally the fun part....Quilting the top!

  • Mark the top edge with a safety pin and paper label. (So I do not put the quilt top on in the wrong direction)
  • Identify the head of top and head of back.

    The final fun touch and the most artistic is the QUILTING! The part that holds the backing, batting, and top together.